Modern Tools and Strategies to Minimize Lightning Damage


To reduce the amount of unnecessary losses due to lightning damage.

To reduce the wasteful practices of the conventional lightning protection industry.

To provide information on physically invalid claims and false advertising in the lightning protection industry

Lightning Electrotechnologies Inc was established on September 19th 2008 with the intention of acting as the primary operations-company in the campaign to commercialise the revolutionary lightning protection technologies developed by Expodev Inc. Expodev Inc is an Electrical Engineering Consultation firm, which was founded in 1984 by Dr. Farouk A.M Rizk.

Laboratory Validation of Streamer Inhibiting Electrode, HVDC Fields

Introducing the world’s best lightning rod, the scientifically based Field Sensitive Air Terminal or FSAT

Lightning Protection for Fibreglass Tanks

A demonstration of the mechanism which is a principal cause of lightning protection system failures

Lightning Protection for Fiberglass Tanks (Saltwater Disposal Sites)

Lightning Electrotechnologies provides lightning protection solutions based in peer-reviewed science:

  • F-SAT, Field Sensitive Air Terminal. A high efficiency lightning rod for high-risk areas. F-SATs can be used as part of conventional NFPA compliant systems.
  • Electromagnetic (EM) Shield for Fiberglass Tanks. A scientifically based solution for lightning related fires in fiberglass tanks.
  • Toroidal Streamer Inhibitors. A revolutionary, silent, streamer free electrode that produces corona space charge in the glow mode (no visible/audible discharges, no radio interference). An air terminal that inhibits the formation of upward leaders in its vicinity and thus reduces the risk of a direct lightning strike.
  • Streamer Inhibiting Conductors. An overhead ground wire that produces corona or space charge in the glow mode. A conductor that inhibits the formation of leaders in its vicinity and thus reduces the risk of a lightning strike.
  • Streamer Inhibiting Down-Conductors. A down conductor to be used in applications such as the down-conductor of a wind turbine blade. A conductor that inhibits the formation of streamers/leaders from inside that blade and thus enhances the reliability of the receptors.